Dame Grease says Amalgam Digital put out a court order against him, which the label denies.

Dame Grease claims that he began a Max B-themed clothing line, which he planned to release with CKDOUT.

In an interview with AllHipHop, however, the producer says that Amalgam Digital put out a court order to stop production, claiming that the clothing line is infringing on the company's copyright.


Grease explained he was under the impression that Amalgam's merchandise license had expired.

“I remembered the first album deal they did with Max," he said. "They did three albums and the merchandising [license] was for them albums. But I guess Max did another deal with them. The only reason I did the [Max B Wave Gang clothing venture] was because Max said he needed some cash.

Person like me is a hustler so I go and try and help him get some cash to take care of his kids.”

However, Amalgam CEO Anyextee claims Dame Grease has lied about the alleged court order, though confirms that Dame has used Max B's image illegally.

"Dame Grease is asserting false claims in that Amalgam Digital put out a 'court order,'" said the CEO. "This is not true. It’s an exaggeration and it’s a bit dramatic on Dame Grease’s part. I had called Dame Grease earlier today after becoming [aware] of this clothing line and website that is illegally selling T Shirts and sunglasses using Max B’s name and image without securing the proper license to do so and discovered that it is being promoted by Dame Grease."

Anyextee continued, saying called Dame about the matter, and said he did not go through the appropriate legal channels.

"I reminded Dame Grease that Max B is still signed with Amalgam Digital and that I manage Max B as an artist and represent his best interests. I asked Dame why it’s being marketed as a portion of the proceeds going to Max B and his family yet Max B and his mother had no idea Dame Grease and this site was selling merchandise with his image on it. There is no contract in place. No license. No payment. Max didn’t even get a chance to approve any of these images. As his manager I wasn’t aware of it and the label didn’t know about it."

Max B is currently serving a prison sentence for a robbery-murder which will keep him incarcerated until November 9, 2042.

posted April 18, 2013 at 11:51PM EST