Free Kelvin Leerdam aka Poo Sims

My name is Poo Sims. I'm a fly wavy fella' from Harlem, New York. I'm currently locked up w/ my brother/co-defendant "Max-B". We blew trial together in 2009. We are currently waiting 4 our appeal and bail applications 2 be heard by the appeal court. I've partied with movie stars, rap stars, porno stars and super stars such as Penelope Cruz, Tracy Morgan, Sean "P-diddy" combs, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats, Allen Iverson, Lebron James, Mr. Marcus, Pinky, Cherokee, Ayana Angel and many others. When I'm not being the life of the party, I'm a laid-back smooth individual. I'm a man of honor & integrity. "Loyalty" is very, very, very important 2 me. I'm very ambitious and goal-oriented. 

New music from Max B to be featured in a new film titled "Charly Rambo: The Max B Story".

Thanks to a deal involving the sale of Harlem rapper Max B’s catalog, the currently incarcerated emcee could see a release from prison in two years. While speaking with DZI: The Voice, filmmaker and Amalgam Digital CEO Anyextee shared the details of his upcoming documentary and album and also offered an update on the status of Max B.

Dame Grease says Amalgam Digital put out a court order against him, which the label denies.

Dame Grease claims that he began a Max B-themed clothing line, which he planned to release with CKDOUT.

In an interview with AllHipHop, however, the producer says that Amalgam Digital put out a court order to stop production, claiming that the clothing line is infringing on the company's copyright.

Max B: The Wavy Harlem Renaissance.
The entertainment business is built solely around one aspect...entertainment. And in about three years and running into the business, that is something that ex-Byrdgang/Diplomat affiliate Max B has seemed to capitalize on: being an entertainer.




Jim Jones Loses Max B's Publishing Rights.

While Max B may be serving a 75-year prison sentence for his role in a fatal robbery last September, this week he scored a victory that will finally give him control over his music.





Max B checks in with Hip Hop Connection to confirm that the rumors about his appeal being denied were false.

Less than a week ago, Max B's label Amalgam Digital shot down rumors that the currently incarcerated rapper's long-pending appeal had been denied and that he'd have to serve out his full 75 year prison sentence for a 2006 attempted robbery-turned-homicide.

"I'm not worried about the sentence, because I'm not doing that time," he tells MTV News.

As it stands right now, Max B is facing 75 years in prison after he was convicted of manslaughter, aggravated assault, robbery, kidnapping, possession of a weapon and conspiracy in 2009. But the New York MC said he’s staying as positive as possible and operating under the radar.

Max B Explains The Roots Of His Beef With Jim Jones & The Byrdgang.

Max B breaks down the dire financial circumstances that he feels Jim Jones and Byrdgang put him in around the time of the robbery-murder he's been convicted of. This week on, Harlem, New York emcee Max B did a rare interview from New Jersey State prison. While French Montana, Roc Marciano and Amalgam Digital's Next also spoke on Max's behalf, the man also known as Biggaveli spoke about the events that led him be convicted of a crime he still says he did not commit.