A member of Jim Jones' Byrd Gang crew, rapper Max B (aka Max Biggaveli) came up through guest appearances on Diplomats recordings along with Jones solo albums. Claiming to be the Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, and Jay-Z all wrapped into one, Max B kicked off 2006 by appearing on Cam'ron's Jay-Z diss track "You Got It." On September 29th of that year his career suffered a major setback when he was charged with felony murder after being connected to a botched robbery in Fort Lee, NJ. Max B claimed he was innocent, made his two-million-dollars bail, and then returned to recording with the Rise of the Silver Surfer mixtape, which appeared in late 2007.


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Charly Wingate (born May 21, 1978), known by his stage name as Max B, is an American rapper from Harlem, New York City, New York. In 2009, Max B began serving a 75-year prison sentence for charges of conspiracy to armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and murder. Max B was incarcerated on robbery charges from 1997 to 2005, starting serving at 17 years of age. He had come up with a second alias Biggaveli denoting his belief that he is a combination of rappers: The Notorious B.I.G. ("Biggie Smalls") Jay-Z ("Jigga Man") and Tupac Shakur ("Makaveli").

After finishing his sentence, he befriended Harlem rapper Jim Jones through his childhood friend and rapper Cam'ron. Max B came to prominence through this affiliation with the Harlem collective The Diplomats, in particular with Cam'ron. In 2006 Jones formed the collective ByrdGang with Max B as a starring member. Fellow ByrdGang member Stack Bundles was killed in 2007. Max B expressed the loss: "That was fucked up because the nigga Stacks was close to me, I ain't even gonna front. I was in jail at the time, so a nigga was sitting. A nigga learned to cope with that thing pretty well though, R.I.P. to Stacks. Shout out to my nigga, he played me all the joints he had. Man, that was my nigga." Max B then engaged in a long feud with Jim Jones. Jones was preventing Max B from earning the adequate amount of money he was due for his artistic creations and work. Large amounts of money were given to Jim Jones for shows, however Max B would receive a split from Byrdgang which was only a fraction of what Jim had made; when most of the material performed was written entirely by Max B, including lyrics, hooks, and melodies. Although under contract by Jones, Max B was destined to get out of this situation.



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According to authorities, Max sent his ex-girlfriend, Gina Conway, and his stepbrother Kelvin Leerdam, in 2006 to rob two men in a Holiday Inn, in Fort Lee, Northern New Jersey. On September 22, 2006, Conway and Leerdam ambushed Allan "Jay" Plowden in room 408 and restrained him with duct tape, while awaiting Plowden's partner, David Taylor. Also in the room was Gissele Nieven. When Taylor arrived, he was immediately shot, point-blank, execution-style, in the head. He did not have any money on him. The crew fled the scene, Plowden then alerted the hotel front desk of the murder.

As police entered the room, Plowden was caught moving $30,000 out of the room. Plowden was later charged with money laundering and identity theft.One week later Conway, Leerdam and coordinator Max B were apprehended and charged. On January 9, 2007 Max B was remanded to Bergen County Jail in New Jersey on a $2 million bail. Conway testified against Max B and Leerdam, in exchange for a 15-year sentence on armed robbery and manslaughter. Leerdam received a life term plus 35 years. On July 3, 2013 Conway lost a bid to lower her 15-year sentence. She claimed that her confession to the police was involuntary and that her sentence was excessive.





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Popular Culture

Max B has released many DVDs known as The Wave, Return of the Wave, Charge it to the Wave., and many others. Max B is cited as bringing popularity to the use of the term "Wavy." He goes by many aliases, one being Wavy Crockett. Curren$y, a rapper from New Orleans, constantly references Max B and the Wave. He has done a song called "Living the Life" with Max B, while both were signed to Amalgam Digital. Curren$y shows respect by rapping over Max B and Dame Grease beats. He makes references to Max B in many songs, "One for da wave", "New Jet City", "Living for the City", "These Bitches (feat French Montana)". amongst other references throughout interviews.

Rapper Jay-Z recently shouted out Max B in support in his Rick Ross and Dr. Dre collaboration "3 Kings." The French rapper Joke called a song "Max B" on his album "Tokyo", with the participation of Max B in the outro. Max B was referenced by Royce Da 5'9 on the song "Slaughterhouse" on Joe Buddens album 'Half Way House."







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Conviction & Appeal

By June 6, 2009, he had been found guilty on 9 of 11 counts in the ongoing trial. On June 9, he was found guilty of murder conspiracy and robbery charges and faced up to 75 years. He was to be sentenced in Bergen County on July 30.In a statement, Gerald Saluti said: Max B would like to first thank all his family, friends and fans that have supported him throughout this trial. Please don’t give up on him at this point. Although the jury has spoken and Max has been convicted of felony murder, kidnapping, robbery and conspiracy a swift and successful appeal shall follow. [...] It is inconceivable that a jury could convict Max under the facts presented by the State here. Even Gina Conway the State’s own witness testified that Max knew nothing of a robbery. [...] Ms. Conway, a jilted lover and proven liar, said so at the trial itself. Max said after the verdict was read that he is confident that justice will eventually be served and he will be free. [...] Max intends to continue putting out music for his fans while the appeal process grinds along. Although shocked by the verdict, Max remained grateful. Max B was later sentenced to 75 years in prison on September 4, 2009. His mother, Sharon Wingate, and fellow rap artist French Montana said he plans to appeal his conviction. On March 19, 2010, Max B was granted an appeal with a new trial and lawyer. In February 2012, rumors spread that Max's request for an appeal had been denied, but it since has been cleared up as an internet/blog/twitter rumor. On August 30, 2012, Max's appeal was denied and he is set to remain in prison to finish his 75 year incarceration.[21] Max continues to seek a higher appeal, . Rapper Jay-Z recently shouted out Max B in support in his Rick Ross and Dr. Dre collaboration "3 Kings." He will be eligible for parole ."